STARTER 4 TEN fitness package

In association with
Christchurch City Council


Sorry, this fitness package is no longer available to purchase.

However, if you have already purchased, good job! The hardest part is signing up and committing. That means you’re already one step in the right direction and on your way to your fitness goal! Check out the info below to get you going.

So what happens now?

Head down to one of the four Christchurch City Council Recreation and Sport Centres with the email we sent (either printed or on your phone) and your photo ID and talk to one of the friendly reception staff. 

They will be able to tick your name off the list, register you in the system and set you up on your 8 week membership - then all the fun stuff starts! 

Be sure to use of all the facilities that Christchurch City Council Recreation and Sport Centres offer. This includes the gym and fitness centre, group fitness classes, the use of the indoor and outdoor pools, spa, steam room, and sauna (not all have the above facilities).

Click here for information on the centres and their facilities.

Each week we will get in touch via email and send through the motivational tips and videos to inspire you! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on