(Remember, it’s a fun event!)

  • Get into start order according to your speed – runners, joggers, walkers and then families (prams and dogs are welcome).
  • Please keep behind the start banner at both start lines
  • Please - no in-line skaters, roller blades or cycles
  • Clothing – Don’t leave it until the last minute. Tie your clothing tag around the bag, place in a box and remember the box number – it will be transported to the finish to collect.
  • Stay to the left of the road, barriers and road cones
  • Do not move into the traffic lane to pass
  • Runners and walkers may be stopped to allow traffic queues to flow
  • Please take care and watch for the presence of vehicles along the route, crossing your path, from behind and in front, at all times.
  • If you come across an injured competitor, stop and render assistance, then inform a marshal at the next checkpoint
  • In an emergency dial 111
  • If running back from the finish please be considerate of participants still on the course, the roads are open.
  • Take extreme care on the road, footpaths, fields and paths – there are uneven surfaces including cracks, potholes and bumps

Look out for one another and enjoy the day!