What is Pay Later?!
“Pay Later” gives the team manager the ability to control, at one point, the way they want to make the payments for their team members. Please note that entry confirmation emails will only be sent to team members once their payment has been processed. To request your team to be set up as a ‘Pay Later’ team, please select this option when setting up your team.
How does a team member enter if their team is “Pay Later” status?!
The same way as they would with a normal team. All you need to do is select “Yes” to ‘Are you part of a team?’, select “No” to ‘Are you creating a team?’ and search for their team and proceed through the form as normal. Contact your team manager to send you the link and password to join the team.
How does a team manager pay for their team members?
In the tiktok dashboard, Team Manager’s will see a team management section which will display a list of the team members, what the total outstanding balance is and what the outstanding balance is for the respective team members.
What can I do with my gear?
If you wear extra clothes to the start, we have clothing transport available for you. Simply place your surplus items in a bag provided, tear off the clothing tag from your bib and place your bag in a labeled box and we’ll do the rest and get it to the finish line. At the finish present your bib and we’ll match it up with your clothing bag. (remember the label that was on the box you put it in though!)
What if I forgot to bring my race bib on the day?
Don’t do this!! Unfortunately, no bib – no participation (health and safety reasons). We will have marshals at the start and the finish, as well as along the course ensuring that all participants are registered and have their bibs on. You will be asked to remove yourself from the course if you’re not wearing a Summer Starter race bib.
Are there any time restrictions?
The infrastructure along the course (fencing, route marshals, water stations etc) will be in place until the last participants go through. We anticipate this will be around 12noon. But it’s not a race, and we’re not in a rush! We will leave it in place as long as we need to for each and every person to complete this course.
Are there going to be drink stations or any other pit stops along the route?
Of course! This route is going to be full of ‘goodness’ the whole way along thanks to our generous key partners! There be drinks stations, there’ll be music – the courses will be sprinkled with surprises from start to finish! (there are also multiple toilet stations along the route too)
What do I do if I need first aid or don’t feel well during the race?
The ASB Summer Starter crew will be scattered along the course and there to help you with whatever you need. If you are in need of any first aid, or you are not feeling well at any time, find your nearest ASB Summer Starter crew member and they will help you out. We’ll also have St John in attendance at the start locations, finish and along the course.
Am I allowed to run with an iPod or other music devices?
Definitely! We’re not about restrictions on the ASB Summer Starter. Please feel free to wear any music devices. Although… Keep in mind, the course is going to be scattered with bursts of music from start to finish, so you’re not going to want to miss out on that!
Are the routes wheelchair accessible?

Both the 4km and the 10km routes has been reviewed by The NZ Spinal Trust for suitability for hand cycles and manual and power wheelchairs. Although accessibility is often open to interpretation the NZ Spinal Trust will be encouraging their friends and members to participate.
Rolling in Christchurch can be a challenge at present however there does not appear to be any significant aspects of the short course that would deem it inaccessible. There are two short places in the 4km route that have a slight incline which should not be a problem to most however we will place marshals there in case you need a little support for a metre or two.

Can I bring my dog?
Y – E – S! We are a dog loving crew at the Summer Starter, so we welcome you to register your pooch pal. They are allowed on both the 4km and the 10km. We’ll cater for your pup from start to finish with ‘dog water stations’ along the route and special rubbish bins along the way for your doggy-doo’s.
It’s really important though, that if you do bring your four-legged friend along, that you’re super courteous. Only bring your pooch along if he/she is nice and friendly with other dogs, start behind all of our runners and walkers, and I’m sure we don’t even need to say it, but if your dog does #2’s… Make sure you pick it up! We’ll have bins all around the place for you to easily dispose of it.
And lastly… Dress them up! (If they don’t mind that kind of thing, of course). We’ll have prizes on the day for Best Dressed Pooch! So get into the spirit of things and dress them up in the colour of the charity you’ve chosen to support.
Can I take my dog and the kid's scooters on the bus/shuttle service?
Scooters – Yes! As long as the kids keep them out of the aisles, they’re fine.
We’ve got a great dog shuttle for your four-legged friends so check out BUS/SHUTTLE INFO for details.
Where are the toilets located?
We’ll have toilets at the start, every 2.5km as well as at the finish.
Don’t hesitate to ask a Summer Starter crew member where the nearest toilets are if you can’t find them. Check out the maps on the course details page for where the toilets are located at the start and finish lines.
What do I do when I finish?
Stick around! We definitely don’t want you to be running off straight after you’ve finished – there’s way too much fun to be had! The Finishers’ Party at Redcliffs Park will be full of food, drinks, prizes, and entertainment.
There will be lots of healthy food and drinks around and bouncy castles, music and entertainment for everyone. Lets hope for a sunny day in Redcliffs!
Do I have to return anything after the race?
Is it timed? And how do we get our results?
Summer Starter is a bit different to other fun runs of its kind. We are really not about racing, winning, and results. It’s about Cantabrians coming together for one day to celebrate our city and have a bit of fun! That being said, there will be a race clock at the finish, so you can keep your own time if you’d like to.
Are there prizes?
Of course! There are prizes up for grabs for best dressed on the day. We want to see some wild and crazy outfits…. Be sure to dress up in the colour of the charity you are supporting!
We’ll also have yummy goodies to giveaways as you finish, look out for the sampling tents as you come through the finish chute!
There will also be prizes for the fastest male and female competitors.
What time is the presentation?
The festivities will be happening from 10am, with the prize giving kicking off at 11am.
Race Etiquette
As you know – the Summer Starter is an ‘all inclusive’ event! Walkers, runners, prams, scooters & dogs, – everyone is encouraged to come together and take part. That does mean though, there are going to be people of all fitness levels on course. As much as we will endeavor to section off the start lines (having walkers in one area, dogs in another area, runners in another), and will stagger the starts (so our speedy runners take off first) there will still need to be an element of consideration required from all participants.
At the start line: Please ensure you find your ‘section’. Prams and Scooters, and people with dogs, will all gather in separate sections – as will the walkers and the runners. Please ensure you gather in your correct section, and you don’t start until you are told to. Runners will start first, followed by unaccompanied walkers, following by participants with dogs, followed lastly by prams and scooters.
ALL CHILDREN ON SCOOTERS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT. And you must, must, keep an eye on your child on their scooter at all times. As you can imagine, with thousands of participants, there’s going to be congestion for at least the first 1km-2km. Keep your child and their scooter with you, and please ensure they are being considerate of other walkers and runners.

Let people pass! Summer Starter isn’t a race, we don’t care if you come through in 40 minutes or 4 hours. We just want to make sure everyone has a good time along the way! So please, be considerate of all of your fellow ‘Summer Starters’!
Entry Terms and Conditions
Ensure you’re up to speed with the terms and conditions of entry – you will be required to tick in agreement to these at the time of registration. Click here to read the terms and conditions.
I would like a poster (or some flyers) to put up around my workplace / gym
Great! Click here to go to the downloads page to see the available printables.